Slooowwww progress continues

Herbie is at about 10% less capacity than a week ago. Progress is slow, a little like this humorous sloth clip from Zootopia. We’ll just enjoy the scenery along the way, including my first 2018 trip outside the tri-state (headed north to see our parents!) Next procedure is on 3/16. In honor of March Madness maybe we’ll shoot for a double-digit decline in cc’s of Herbie capacity for that procedure?

Person of the week is Ali. She greets us at the registration desk just inside the front door on most mornings when we arrive for the Herbie-cide** procedure. On some days she already has my paperwork printed and my “bracelet” ready to put on my wrist so we can almost do a walk-by on our way to the SSU (same-day surgical unit.) While we don’t get a lot of time to talk, Ali has a smile and willingness to help. What a blessing as the “first face” – or nearly first face – for many folks registering at Anderson Mercy Hospital!

** thanks to brother Andy, for the pesty-cide naming!

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