Favorite “Steve-isms” – quotes that maybe are originals?

With apologies to anyone who may have said these previously and should be credited…

“make a suitable number of mistakes” ~ Steve Long (too often we humans are unwilling to make ANY mistakes. This recognizes that while each of us may have a different threshold for the number of mistakes, we need to make some in order to increase wisdom)

“some of the best examples are the worst examples” ~ Steve Long (especially when examining people’s behaviors and what NOT to do)

“some of the best reminders are the worst remembrances” ~ Steve Long (corollary to the example one above, now about events in particular and how they filter your look at new experiences)

“Wisdom is acquired experiences applied to future opportunities” ~ Steve Long

“Wisdom requires acquired experience with effective adaptations” ~ Steve Long

“Dude-a-roon” – new term used playfully when the boys were young, as in “how are you doing, Dudearoon?”  ~ Steve Long