ZOOM: step-by-step process when connecting phone-only people to a Zoom session

Conference Calling with Zoom

  1. Join the ZOOM gathering on your computer and assure your microphone and speakers are working
  2. Mute yourself on ZOOM (bottom left corner of the computer screen)
  3. With your smartphone, call the ZOOM conference number 301-715-8592 and when prompted enter the 9-digit code followed by the “#” symbol. If a passcode is required, type it in when prompted, followed by the “#” symbol
  4. Your smartphone display should offer you a way to add a call (on the iphone it is a “+” sign with “add call” under it) Touch that and then…
  5. Dial the phone number of your first person; when they answer, touch “merge calls” on your smartphone screen; that person is now connected to the Zoom conference audio and can talk to participate!
  6. repeat Steps 4 and 5 if you have additional people to connect to the call (most smartphones have a maximum of 4-5 people in conference)
  7. Once all people are connected, mute your phone and turn your phone volume totally down (NOTE: the people you’ve connected to the conference call will still hear the ZOOM call just fine even though your levels are down)
  8. Unmute yourself on the ZOOM computer screen. If you’re getting an echo you may have forgotten to mute your phone and/or didn’t turn the volume down…

NOTE: If you are NOT on the computer Zoom session and just want to conference in others who do not have long-distance calling packages or aren’t able to do this on their own, just follow steps 3-6 above

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