Light-Hearted Learning (& Sharing)

SMALL-GROUP, CASUAL INTERACTIONS ON TOPICS OF INTEREST (check back closer to date as sometimes dates change due to speakers, other issues…)


  • Ted Talk links and other useful materials are part of the highlights
  • NOTE: though several have asked about recordings of sessions, full LHL(&S) sessions will not ordinarily be recorded since part of the focus is sharing and we want the conversation to be as rich as possible

Future Light-Hearted Learning possibilities:

  • Fitbit or Apple Watch, etc to monitor EKG, sleep, oxygen sat levels, fall monitoring, etc.  Safety features for seniors with these too. I know many seniors have Life Alert necklaces they wear but these watches might work well too and in the long run might be cheaper – thanks for the suggestion, Jane!
  • Stress Relief in the wake of Covid-related PTSD: at all ages/stages – as a community, how do we cope and help others?
  • Fall Detection / Call Button Services: Mobile Help vs. Lifeline vs. ???
  • Travel Locations
    • Ohio Connections – have Ohio-based locations of interest
    • Rome
    • Venice
  • Movies/shows – recommendations from critics, newspapers, AARP, others
  • Dementia Friends
  • Travel Tips by Walt & Mary Ann (perhaps once they return?)
  • Sing-along songs
    • Songs of the 60s
    • Artists: John Denver, James Taylor, Carole King, Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney, Dolly Parton, …
    • Genre: folk,
    • Special Days/Seasons:
  • Special Foods to make for a gathering
    • Sharing our favorites, including recipes and a story or two about the item
      • For those liking to read, the book Christmas Days by Jeanette Winterson is great along these lines
    • Armenian Lentil Soup (and a story or two…)
  • Special Diets – preparing meals for friends who are vegan, vegetarian, allergies (dairy, gluten), getting enough protein,
  • Online Banking-how to set up, use and ensure protection
  • Computer protection from hacks-“must haves” and “nice to have” protection systems
  • Streaming services -pros/cons/costs
  • Gardening planning, planting
  •  Technology
    • Google Calendar – continue with quick 5-minute follow-ups periodically
    • Smart-phone tips & tricks
      • Silencing unwanted, incoming phone calls
    • FaceBook – continue with follow-up sessions?
    • YouTube – how to upload, Show More hints, etc.;
    • Online Security – online banking, passwords, other considerations
  • Ted Talk Possibilities – Any in Top 25 or Specific Topics of interest?

FACILITATORS: Steve and other Light-Hearted Learning (& Sharing) leaders share information using a mix of original material and internet resources

  • Steve Long is an Anderson Township resident who has taught classes and seminars at Anderson Township Senior Center since 1999
  • Les Tacy is an Anderson Township resident who monthly co-leads our sing-alongs and also periodically is a co-host for other Zoom session
  • Rita Brieschke works for Wood County (OH) Council on Aging and is an excellent instructor, especially on technical topics