Memory Cafe

Memory Cafe

A casual, enjoyable hour together including social time and an activity

For those experiencing dementia, and their care partners

Here’s what people are saying about Memory Cafe @ ATSC:

“This is the best hour of the month! I wish there were more First Tuesdays!”

“It feels like family when we’re together.”

“My mom had an amazing time. It brought tears to my eyes when I heard that.”

“Wow. That hour went by really fast!”

“We all enjoyed participating but I could tell it was especially of benefit to {name of person experiencing dementia withheld for anonymity}; she smiled the entire time!”

The webpage HERE provides details about the Memory Cafe and Brain Health & Memory Matters at ATSC (Anderson Township Senior Center)

The webpage HERE shares Brain Health & Memory Matters materials overall, including an overview to Brain Health plus loads of helpful information, video references and summaries

Highlights from Memory Cafes