Aspects of Mindfulness that may be helpful at varying times:

** Frederick Buechner – “Listen to Your Life” shares 5 senses perspective!

Additional resources recommended by friends/family include:

APPS for Mindfulness

New York Times articles on the subject

  • HERE shares some good ideas on the subject (the section Managing Anxiety and Stress includes some good tips)
  • Especially noteworthy commentary about “the unexpected” and working that into life is mentioned HERE (along with helpful perspective and practices.) While not always easy and/or comfortable, it’s well worth considering! 🙂

“Enlightenment is an accident. But spiritual practice makes you more accident-prone.” ~ Buddhist saying


Thanks to LivelyU through Wood County (OH) Council on Aging programming in 2022, many of us enjoyed presentations by Dr. Rebecca Ann Greenwood from BGSU. Some of her reference links – or others found from related sites – are above. Thanks Rebecca!! 🙂