Global Climate Destabilization (GCD)

Start with these Ten Actions! (from the United Nations)

This webpage will eventually include many links, including a GCD “dashboard-of-dashboards”

HERE is a Washington Post article about data visualization (part of the dashboard-of dashboards) along with other climate information

Here is Esquire’s very compelling 7/2015 article called “Ballad of a Sad Climatologist”

Here are 100 companies vowing to get 100% of their energy from renewable resources by 2020.

My brother, NKU Associate Professor Andy Long, has developed a really nice set of GCD materials HERE

President Obama addresses GCD in September 2016 article in NY Times

Like music?  Here are some songs – old and new – that relate in one way or another to our world and/or climate destabilization (you can hear most of them on here Global Climate…)

  • “Pollution” – Tom Lehrer
  • “Who’s Gonna Stand Up?” – Neil Young
  • “Liberated Carbon” – Andy Revkin
  • “Mother Earth” – Tom Rush
  • “River Song” – Tom Rush
  • “All the World is One”
  • A Song of Our Warming Planet
What’s the Worst That Could Happen? by Greg Craven deals with some GCD thinking and actions. Here are two videos (Part I and Part II) discussing some of the theories in that book

A little humor from Apocadocs including this Game Show

Comic timeline from

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