Herbie and the Tortoise

HELP! I’m a hare stuck in a tortoise situation.

Just like in that fable, I’m feeling the urge to race forward to the finish line. Sclerosing is not a speedy process though. Our medical team says that slow and steady can win the race and that’s our objective.

The good news? Herbie is down 10-20% versus last week’s size and we’ve*** re-positioned the drainage bandaging with an apparent side-benefit (based on a couple hours experience) of more comfort!

The bad news? No driving to warm weather climes this year for extended time to see family and enjoy baseball spring training games. Home base (pun intended) allows too many of my necessities right now, including proximity for my weekly radiologist procedures. We’ll miss the family time, for sure!

Next sclerose procedure is 3/6 at 8 AM. We’ll hope the fizzy drink continues its shrinking ways on the back of a slightly faster tortoise?

Continuing thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, especially those focused on patience. This hare feels the support of those “big time!”

Sending love your way along with a link to a really good “Love Train” video HERE if you have a few minutes to hear good music and see some beautiful images of love…

*** Nurse Ronda in radiology has been a constant virtually from the start of the QR&D process. She is friendly and collaborative. Today we changed Herbie’s tailpipe placement for better drainage. She and the team help make my 20 minute rotation “twirling” go quickly with conversation on any number of topics: Valentine’s Day philosophies, Olympics, families… What a blessing to have compassionate professionals working with us!

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