Survivin’ and Thrivin’ #18 – Happy Tuesday 2/22/22 2 U! :-)

A few chuckles as we start?


Laurie Santos, from The Happiness Lab podcast, in a recent New York Times article says:

… if you can get yourself to do it — to meditate, to volunteer, to engage with social connection — you will be happier. It’s just much easier if you have a cultural apparatus around you.

Can each of us find an appropriate “cultural apparatus?” Here’s hoping we can!

Clearly the approach needs to be different for each of us. Some of my notes are below** Please email me at salong_now @ if you have any AHAs or good articles to share.

Want a happiness tip relating to social media you might choose to share with your loved ones? (from the article cited above)

I teach students — this comes from the journalist Catherine Price — the acronym W.W.W.: what for, why now and what else? When you pick up your phone, what was that for? Was there a purpose? Then: Why now? Did you have something to do, or were you bored or anxious or fighting some craving? And then, what else?: actively noticing the opportunity cost. It could be studying. It could be talking to your roommate.

Looking for some supportive listening on specific efforts for feeling happier? Check The Happiness Lab items HERE including this 20 minute segment with Laurie Santos on her background and personal recommendations/reflections

Looking for help falling asleep? Check out this TEDx Talk: How to Trick Your Brain Into Falling Asleep (short-cut to the “brain tapping” at the 7 minute mark HEREOver 5 million watches of this one! 🙂

May you have a joyful, safe day – with feelings of being strengthened and supported – knowing how important your presence is in our world!


** For me, the “cultural apparatuses” have been the church, our family and friend groups – – the folks there help me stay grounded and supported. Thanks to each of you making a difference for me and others as part of such apparatuses!

Designing the Christian Playbook has been a help with meditation, study and getting outside myself for connection. Helped by expert commentary, those daily practices are expanding to include options for stretching, meditating and more. Such efforts are proven by research to make happiness easier, especially when coupled with connecting with friends via phone, Zoom, coffee gatherings, etc..