Some thoughts as we close in on the end of another year…**

Travel can provide wonderful AHA moments, even if the trip is just a few minutes from home. Such has been the case in 2023 with 1) drives to family occasions bringing experiences of love and joy as reminders of the value of relationships; 2) Italy adventure (summary HERE) with perspective on religion, history, art, natural beauty, power of people and more; 3) walking Cincinnati and reminders of the incredible beauty and history right near us

Then there’s the incredible joy in the groundedness of home. Regularly scheduled family lunches, volunteering, music gatherings, brain health events, joyful noise experiences and more, much more. These times bring recharging moments, caring opportunities plus sharing of many stories (and accompanying wisdom from so many good folks.) 

Some experiences/sharing to highlight

  • MEDITATION (link HERE)  – what a wonderful way to start the day! Lovingkindness meditation (link HERE) plus translational music listening/stretching are favorites
  • BEST LAST DAY – reflecting on what your ideal closing hours would entail provides excellent insight on priorities today. Willing to give it a try? Templates are links HERE as printable format (.pdf) and HERE as editable format (.doc)
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – continues to be a wonderful hobby with some favorite shots HERE. The past few years, the focus has been on “gratitude shots” (link to those HERE)
  • MUSIC – what a blessing! Whether with Chapel Folk, Guitar Guild, Joyful Noise Boys, Joyful Noise Crew, Brain Health & Memory Matters, church choir, hospice or other endeavors, I’m so glad my folks encouraged me to get involved originally
  • MOVIES – check out the IMDb APP and all it brings (streaming services the show is on, ratings, actor profiles, etc..) You can even share favorite shows easily – – some of my/our favorites are in this link HERE, including several Christmas holiday films
  • TRAVEL – if you’re taking US Interstate Highways, check out the iExit APP; EXCELLENT for finding services available, how far off the highway they are, which side of the road, etc.!
  • CHRISTMAS LIGHTS – if you’re in the SE Cincinnati region, a listing of potential light displays to visit is a link HERE

Okay, that’s more than enough from me. If you have passions and tips to share, please send them along via email – I’d love to check them out. Collaboration has been – and will hopefully continue to be – a wonderful experience!

Sending you and yours much love this holiday season coupled with lovingkindness meditation


P.S. if you know someone in the Cinci area seeking a FREE, 25 year-old Showood slate pool table (nearly full-sized, about 5′ x 8′) in good condition – complete with ball return – please let me know as we’d like to find it a good home

** the Long holiday note is HERE, in case you’d like to see it and it hasn’t arrived yet…