Italy Trip – May 2023

Some of us had been waiting over 3 years to make this trip and it finally happened. What an experience, made especially positive because of the 21 people signed up for the journey together.  

Were there were plenty of challenges along the way? Yes. But those will be addressed with smarTours separately in hopes they’ll “get their act together” (seems like they’ve heard some of our commentary and taken positive action…)

Here we’ll hope to outline some of the fabulous visuals and experiences we enjoyed…

Randy L. wrote and read a heart-felt limerick

Pictures abound** – in the weeks ahead we’ll be sharing some on various pages


  • Randy/Pat S.’s blog is HERE and is a most excellent summary of the trip. Plus, you can see more about them on this wonderful blog spot
  • Want a grin? Check out this Michelangelo comic HERE
  • Steve’s presentation to ATSC is HERE: 2023 Italy Trip Presentation