High hopes, we have, high hopes … and then nuthin’, for this week.

Looks like Herbie has had enough of the fizzy drink – no progress (same size opening as a week ago.) We’re giving ‘ol fizzy one more try just in case, but we’re figuring that next Thursday we’ll move to the final type of sclerosing agent***. With that day being Opening Day for the Reds, maybe it can be closing time for Herbie (with the allowable few days to clear out his things?) We’ll keep those high hopes for sclerosing to complete the task!

Thanks for the continuing kind thoughts and prayers for me, Kim, our family and the medical staff** working with us.  Enjoy the day, with a smile on your face [and with knowledge that I’m smiling at the blessings of this day, and every day!]

** This week’s staff member focus is on Dr. Charles (Charlie) Young. Dr. Young is a kind soul – gentle eyes, friendly manner, confident approach, similar hairstyle to mine…and a burly beard! 🙂 He reminds Kim and me of our good friend and former MWPC church member, Brian Hill (for those who don’t know Brian, he is a kind, bright, gentle, passionate soul.) Dr. Young remains confident that Herbie can be hardened and left to disintegrate in me rather than requiring surgery. May it be so…

*** our understanding is that this sclerosing agent will be “introduced” twice daily by us using the drainage tube. Maybe my next career will involve going back to school for nurse’s training? NAH!

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