Survivin’ & Thrivin’ #15

After completing the final 2021 Survivin’ & Thrivin’ post, hopes were high it would be the last one ever. With COVID cases rising and encouragement to “hunker down” by experts and others, it seems like a good time to restart. Hopefully this will be a short-lived effort!

Interested in some Light-Hearted Learning? We’ve started Zoom sessions on Fridays @ 10:30 AM (Eastern time). This Friday we’re discussing “Movies/Shows Others Think We Should Watch”  Zoom link to join is HERE along with details on future topics.

Today’s Christian Playbook shares Diana Butler Bass’ statement of our challenges in the midst of one million new cases of COVID on January 4, 2022. You can read her entire article HERE or in context of the Christian Playbook HERE

Some comics humor (from a great website,!) :

And we’ll close with a little mission, should you choose to accept it! 🙂  {click HERE if you want to cue the Mission Impossible theme song}

HELP – Would you spend a few minutes pondering which songs have furthered your spiritual life in the past and/or during these COVID times? Please share those with me via email [And if you have a sentence or two (or more) of the personal “why it’s a favorite” that you don’t might sharing with blog readers, please share those as a valuable, welcome addition – – credited by first name only to maintain anonymity]

THANKS, in advance, for any/all contributions!

WOW – we will all benefit from remembering/hearing these foundational songs, and the stories about experiences with them. They’ll be shared in a webpage and also highlighted in future Survivin’ & Thrivin’ editions

Details on this project, should you be interested are below***

Enjoy the day!


*** Christian Playbook 2022 Focus: Storied, Special Songs/Hymns

  • This project couples two passions:
    • providing a theme for the 2022 Christian Playbook – focusing on 50-100 songs of faith – plus encouraging us all to share why songs are foundational in our faith for others to enjoy
    • fueling thoughts of Celebration of Life songs for Binder of a Lifetime “At the End” details – see page 4 of At the End document HERE
  • Any HELP with song/hymn suggestions will be THANKS-fully accepted, with a spirit of WOW!
  • ** Help Thanks Wow: The Three Essential Prayers by Anne Lamott

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