Hold Your Breath Hugs

For those who feel they just must hug another**,

  1. confirm with the other they would like to hug (ideally in advance of seeing one another)
  2. both should be wearing a mask
  3. from 6-8 feet away, breathe deeply and hold your breath
  4. come in for the quick hug, facing in opposite directions – – no talking allowed!
  5. back away to 6-8 feet
  6. exhale and breath in
  7. now talk! 🙂

** These ideas and more gleaned from details below …

Experts suggest we avoid hugs. For those of us who absolutely MUST hug at times, this New York Times article suggests some of the following:

  • Wear a mask
  • Point your faces in opposite directions — the position of your face matters most
  • Don’t talk or cough while you’re hugging
  • Do it quickly – approach, briefly embrace and don’t linger
  • Back away quickly and don’t breathe into each other’s faces
  • Hug outdoors
  • Avoid touching your face and mask with the other person’s body or clothes
  • Don’t hug someone who is coughing or has other symptoms