Bookies: Conversations on all sorts of topics


DATE                         LOCATION                         ACTIVITY

June 8 @ 6               Norrie/Michael                     Five Love Languages

August?                    Steve/Kim




DATE                         LOCATION                         ACTIVITY

January 16 @ 6         Steve/Kim’s                        Social gathering / 2017 Organization

February 26 @ ??      Steve/Barb’s                      Oscars Night

March 25 @ 6             Norrie’s                              Devil in the White City

June 3 @ 5:30            Steve/Kim’s                        Social gathering

August 11 @ 7:00       Steve/Barb’s                       The American Spirit

October 21 @ NOON Springfield road trip to Westcott House and Solar House plus possible side-trips to Youngs Dairy, Clifton Mill Restaurant or ??? (must be a micro-brew in Yellow Springs, right?) 🙂


Google Doc HERE for use when we’re “collaborating on things” (it’ll feel weird, but you don’t need to “save” when done!)

Future Possibilities
• Attend one of the shifrahcincinnati events (thanks Barb!)
• Music outing (Big Bands – Wed., Bluebirds – Sun.)
Pilgrimage by Mark Shriver (Pope Francis biography)?
• Dying to be Me (still needs a reading)
• Freedom by Jonathon Francis
• The Things They Carry (reco by Tyler Ross!)
• Animal Vegetable Mineral
• Field trip to the Freedom Center (possibly in conjunction with the Freedom book above?)
• Devotional / Meditational readings – everyone brings a favorite?
• Cooking Class

Oscars 2014_DSC04750



This group started in 2010 as a result of discussions around the lunch table during the 2009 Alton Jenkins lecture series. It was great to have friends talking about “meaty issues” that day with Bill Tucker, Theo Tucker, Greg Loomis, Norrie Loomis, Steve Ross, Barb Ross and Steve Long (Kim didn’t attend that day.) It has become a wonderful sharing ever since, with special guests joining us from time-to-time as well.

Calendars of Previous Year and the Books/Discussions Are HERE