Becoming “Untethered” – a 1-Pager

My golden friend Chris Davis and I are working our way through one of his dad’s favorite books – The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer.

Along the way other books are finding their way into our lives and discussion: Leadership & Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box;

After we met on March 15, 2018, I decided to start a one-pager of life behaviors that could be on our “to do” list to become increasingly untethered. Here’s a starter:

  • 10 minutes of quiet meditation, centering prayer or other peace-inducing activity early in the morning
  • 20 minutes of yoga and/or stretching
  • before/during each potentially volatile situation, take a deep breath in and let peace and love invade your being
  • when tension rises in you
    • consider “laughing at your inner self” and asking a question with a grin (“humor of Christ”-like approach:)
      • “are there certain experiences from earlier in life that help lead you to that opinion?”
      • “tell me more…”
    • say something that fills the space for a moment:
      • “hey now,” “well now,” “{the person’s name about 3 times} as in Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy,)” “that’s not very nice Mr. Grant” (MTM), “don’t forget we’re in mixed company”
      • this allows time to breathe deeply, chuckle, think of a friendlier response and minimize frustration;
    • remember Colossians 3:12 … clothe yourselves with … compassion, kindness, humility, meekness and patience.
  • tame thy tongue! (James 3:5) – in many cases, if you can’t say something constructive and nothing NEEDS to be said, possibly say nothing at all? 🙂
  • minimize contact – where possible – with those people who don’t give you a “boost of positive” while in their midst! (Halftime also supports this notion)
  • “Affirm that all you want is to be at peace and to appreciate life.” ~ Page 145 in The Untethered Soul (thanks Lee!)
  • keep sharing LOVE as much as humanly possible! Breathe it in (and share it out…)