2022-02-18 Light-Hearted Learning (& Sharing): Getting Restorative Sleep

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HUMOR FOR TODAY – Two minutes of Tim (Conway)

TODAY’S TOPIC:                Getting Restorative Sleep

Why is this topic important to you?

  • When we’re well-rested, aren’t we better versions of ourselves?
  • Want to be less cranky – much better when good sleep

What are some tips you’ve heard or shared with others?

  • Counting sheep – maybe start with a herd of 100 and go backwards?
  • Not look at your computer screen right before bedroom
  • concentrate on your breathing
  • pad beside your bed to write thoughts down
  • meditation
  • chamomile tea
  • cell phone beeping – –
  • PRAY! If you go to sleep: “Guardian angel finishes your prayers” 🙂
  • Night lights / motion-lights: softer light colors where possible, especially red/orange

Sleep is A Key Pillar for Brain Health per Global Council on Brain Health! 

As a review, Key pillars to Brain Health as identified by the GLOBAL COUNCIL ON BRAIN HEALTH