When I Quit This Mortal Shore

Author unknown, possibly Mabel Easley Peters? (1878 – 1939)


When I quit this mortal shore,

And mosey ‘round this earth no more

Don’t weep, don’t sigh, don’t sob;

I may have struck a better job


Don’t go and buy a large bouquet,

For which you find it hard to pay;

Don’t mope around and feel all blue

I may be better off than you.


Don’t tell the folks I was a Saint,

Or anything you know I aint.

If you have jam like that to spread,

Please hand it out before I’m dead.


If you have roses – bless your soul

Just pin one in my buttonhole,

While I’m alive and well today;

Don’t wait until I’ve gone away!




[NOTE: Jim Witte gave handwritten copies of this out at his mother’s funeral in Bowling Green, OH, probably in the 1980s]