MWPC Travel Group sharepage – previous & upcoming gatherings plus travel tips, purchases to consider, etc.

TRAVEL TIPS (from various sources)

  • Smartphone app (for specific areas – uses GPS, not wireless data)
  • Purchases to consider for lengthy airline travel include:
  • International trips
    • Do extra digging to assure you need malaria medication (CDC and other sites sometimes suggest this without consideration for season you’re traveling – malaria medication recommended for Myanmar and South Africa trips and not a mosquito was to be seen at the time of year we were traveling)
    • Get the travel insurance – it may seem expensive but certainly is worth it for times when sickness or other unforeseen issues come along
    • Consider asking your doctor for antibiotic prescription (Z-Pak) just in case you get something bacterial…
  • For Domestic flights – check prices on Tuesday afternoons; cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday (12/2016 article);

Wendy (nurse @ Hospice of Cinci East IPU) mentions these two websites for good, cheap travel: Tripmasters and Travelzoo

Details on upcoming trip to Italy are HERE

Some details on previous trips by Steve are HERE, including this one on UK 2019