The Problem of Evil

Identifying and communicating evils in our world

M. Scott Peck, in his book The Road Less Traveled, has a section entitled “The Problem of Evil.” There is one part of this which really resonated with me: “But evil backfires in the big picture of human evolution…Because most of us have been graced by an almost instinctive sense of horror at the outrageousness of evil, when we recognize its presence, our own personalities are honed by the awareness of its existence.” {underline added by Steve}

Maybe part of our job as humans is to identify and communicate evil in our world — even when it doesn’t always affect us directly? At least that puts it into our “frame of consciousness” and allows us to think of our potential actions. With that in mind, here’s a starter website …

Evils we deplore

Harry Emerson Fosdick penned these words as part of the hymn God of Grace and God of Glory…

Save us from weak resignation
To the evils we deplore
Let the gift of Thy salvation
Be our glory evermore
Grant us wisdom, grant us courage
Serving Thee Whom we adore
Serving Thee Whom we adore

God of Grace and God of Glory – full lyrics

May we save ourselves from weak resignation!