Licking River Wilderness Trails In Ryland Heights

The Licking River runs relatively slowly here, and you’re in the back country so kayabiking (using local road for the ride) or kayaking upriver and then back down are both fine.

To get here, take I-275 to KY 16 exit near Taylor Mill. Go north for about 1.5 miles (bottom of the hill) and take a RIGHT on Grand Avenue. This will dead-end at KY 177 (Decoursey Pike). Take that to the RIGHT and go about 1.5 miles to where there is a fork in the road – take the LEFT branch (Locust Pike) where you’ll see a sign for Wilderness Trails Park.

Go just under 4.0 miles from KY 177 to the boat ramp/parking area, on LEFT. (Once you go over the railroad tracks, you have .7 miles left to go). The park has a very gradual ramp that is excellent for launching kayaks (not so nice for some larger boats – an owner we were with required a long time to get his power boat launched.)

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