Statement of Faith

Steve Long – Statement of Faith  (May 20, 2019)

I believe in God the Founder of our Universe,

I believe in Jesus Christ a human-born, divine child of God,

I believe and trust in the Holy Spirit as part of God’s passion in my being.

I believe in the Three In One.

Those on this earth who believe in God’s love must share that with others, whether the word is from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, …   “Love One Another” artwork by Mary Southard describes this beautifully!

Growing up in the Christian faith, part of my job is to help others see the Christ-like behaviors in my life and hear about that loving influence.

We are spurred on to show God’s love,

lavishing the loving actions & material wealth mysteriously given us,

to those with less of these “things” who frequently have more of the Spirit.

The result? Hopefully a more peaceful, better life for our entire world!


God in heaven and on earth,

Help me to live this statement of faith in my daily life!