1005 Gustin projects & updates

Listing of Gustin Projects – editable** Google Doc HERE, including Thad’s estimates of difficulty and timing

Calendar, history, videos and more HERE


  • Cooktop – current unit, is 28.5″ across x 20.5″ deep
    • Kirk Lahey plans to be by around 10/1
    • Replacing current unit since Neal doesn’t repair according to Kirk
  • Arborist will be contacting Mom around 10/12 to confirm stone and tree placement
  • Lifeline pendant and unit installed on 9/30
    • This has the Auto Alert feature so if dramatic fall, it would activate automatically without having to push the button; otherwise, if in need of assistance, Mom just presses button on pendant
    • If activated, they try Mom using transmitter unit now located on windowseat. If Mom doesn’t answer, they contact Debbie 1st, Chuck 2nd, Jo 3rd; if none of them answer then it goes to EMS
    • Transmitter range is full house and yard
    • Pendant should be worn 24×7 – it’s waterproof
  • Mom is continuing work on the Herstory/History efforts.
    • what a blessing when we want to create a timeline of any/all sorts plus answer our wonderings like “when did that happen?” “where did we travel?” “who made it to BG that time?” …
    • we’ll be issuing a “call for pictures” at some point to describe Life of the BG Cline/Long Family at some point – be on the lookout! 🙂